Goddess Erika Lynx

| Dominatrix | FemDom | Petite Seductress |

Welcome to your new addiction.


I am a professional Dominatrix and BDSM practitioner with over seven years of experience. I'm located in North New Jersey but make occasional visits to Massachusetts and NYC.


My style is playful, verbal, sensual, and controlling. The D/s dynamic and Total Power Exchange are everything to me and all of my kinks stem from that dynamic.

I seduce - not manipulate. I discipline - not punish. If you want an uppity, man-hating Dominatrix, please look elsewhere. I'm here to have fun on my terms.


I am currently welcoming new inquiries from potential clients who enjoy Femdom under a Goddess. Only those who seek an unforgettable experience under my complete control should reach out.


A submissive who serves me with respect and devotion, spoils me, and truly appreciates a superior and stunning dominant woman will in turn earn the greatest pleasure they could hope for... mine. After all, a Goddess that does not humble her slave does him and herself a serious disservice. 


 My offerings are STRICTLY BDSM / kink / fetish-play with Female Domination being at the heart of the experience. Our time together should be fun, fulfilling, and cathartic for both parties. If you do not provide that, do not follow my protocols, or if you push my boundaries you will not be serving me.


I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19.