About Goddess Erika Lynx



I am a playful, sensual, and creative Goddess who loves to utilize men for my own deviant pleasures. Although your time with me should be enjoyable and mutually satisfying, one should only try to serve if they are keeping my pleasures and interests in mind. If I find we do not have similar interests and at least a modicum of chemistry, you will be asked to serve someone else.


I follow the RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) philosophy when playing.








Some of What truly delights Me

Total Power Exchange

The D/s dynamic and TPE are everything to me and all of my kinks stem from them. 


Sensual Domination

I seduce - not threaten. I whisper - not yell. I discipline - not punish. 


Give me complete control of your body, as it should be.


The perfect way to quickly humble what's mine.

Foot / Shoe / Boot Worship

Perfect feet like mine shouldn't go a day without worship.

Tease and Denial / Chastity Control

Desperation is cute. Chastity is even cuter.


Domestic Servitude / Slave Training

I am your perfect Goddess, are you ready to be molded into my perfect slave?

OTK Spanking

Remember me everytime you sit.

Sissification, Feminization, and Slut Training

A good slave should be cute for me.

Role-Play Scenarios

Let me act out my devious fantasies.

Sensory Deprivation / Sensation Play

Includes activities like tickle torture, electroplay, fireplay, running my nails all over your skin, etc...


Give me complete control of your mind, I deserve it.

** I have far too many interests to list. If you're curious to explore something I haven't mentioned, I encourage you to ask about it. **






Lynx2 (2)

Lynx2 (2)

My Protocol and Etiquette


Your submission starts at first communication. You may address me using any of the following titles...

Goddess, Miss, Domina, Mistress, Queen, Your Highness, Your Radiance, Boss, Master, Sir.

I only play in sober play spaces. If you arrive intoxicated prior to our session I will kick you out without refund. 

Make sure you are well rested, fed, and hydrated before our time. Make sure to bring it to my attention if you are fasting or haven't eaten recently.


When entering my space, make sure to take your shoes off. 


When providing the remainder of the tribute, place it on my counter at the very start of the session – counted in advance. I do not accept electronic tributes.


Ask permission before sitting on any of my furniture.


Make sure you are always humbled before me. I adore subtleties such as proper posture, keeping hands behind your back, asking permission before acting on something, etc.


My hard limits are absolute. I have no tolerance for boundary pushers or pushy bottoms. Communication is important and welcome, but your purpose is to please, amuse, and serve me.


The More you Know...


Early 20s



Shoe Size


Eye Color


Favorite Food

Avocado Toast

Favorite Drink

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Favorite Dessert

Dark Chocolate Almonds

Favorite Cocktail





Bachelor of Science


Polish and Irish


Reading, Hiking, Snowboarding, Gaming

My Hard Limits


It should go without saying, but I do not offer sexual services in any capacity. I do not give nor receive anything that ends in -job or -ingus. You will not be allowed contact with my most intimate areas. Ever. If you try to touch me intimately, or mention any of the following services, you will be kicked out immediately.


I do not conduct sessions while topless/nude. 

No face sitting unless fully clothed.


I do not give "massages".

No kissing


No wrestling

No showers of any kind. Drinking from a glass or funnel with advanced notice may happen if I'm in the mood.

I do not switch in any capacity

No cuckholding

I do not do anything which I do not have the expertise to do safely.

Smoking of any kind


Public Play (outside of kink events)


 I only use some toys with people I know on a personal basis.