Q: How does this work?


A: Read my website carefully and decide if we're a good match. If you feel that we are, fill out my contact form. I reply to all inquiries, even when I reject them. If I don't reply to you within 72 hours you should inquire again as something might've gone wrong.


If I believe we have chemistry we'll schedule a date. I'll ask for your screening information and for you to send a small deposit to prove you're serious before we meet. Once I receive both and everything checks out we're all set!

Q: I want to serve you, but I want to remain anonymous.


A: If you don't want to give me proof of your name, you can give mea minimum of two professional references with active social medias. If you don't have that, and you don't want to give your name, then you're not seeing me-- simple as that. I do not negotiate when it comes to my safety. Feel free to check out client testimonials and my social media to make sure I'm reputable and discreet. I'm verified on multiple sites and I have plenty of evidence to show I'm trusted, you don't. I am inviting you into my private space, alone with me, so I need to be 100% certain you are safe. If you can't trust me with your name, how can you trust me with your body? Be logical.

Besides, would you really want to see someone who doesn't carefully screen? Someone who lets potential psychos, stalkers, and pigs through the same door that you hope to securely, privately, and discreetly walk through? I'd hope not. 

A Dominatrix that is willing to see you without screening puts not just her own safety at risk, but yours as well.

Q: What is your tribute / Can you do x amount / Do I need to send a deposit?


A:  See my Contact Form for my tribute information.

My tribute is based on my talents and expenses, not your budget. I do not see people without a deposit sent in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS. Yes, I understand scammers exist, however, you must understand that my inbox is flooded with time-wasters. Asking for a deposit is the most efficient way of filtering them out and until I receive it I will assume there's a chance that you are wasting my time. Our time together is only reserved when the deposit is given. Feel free to research me (I'm verified on multiple websites) and check out my testimonials to make sure I'm reputable.

Q: Are you looking for personal / domestic / errand slaves? What about a video slave?


A: No, I'm very happy with my current submissives. If that changes, I will post on Twitter. Don't ask otherwise.

Q: What will our session be like / What are you going to do to me / What happens in your sessions?


A:  I understand you're nervous and excited, but I have no idea what I'm going to do to you until the time comes. It'll depend on what I'm feeling at that time and our mutual interests. You're just going to have to trust me and find out. I don't have agendas or motions I go through and no two sessions are the same. Even if I did know, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise anyway...

Q: I'm not really into pain, is that OK?


 A: Of course! Pain is just one of the many aspects of BDSM. If there's mutual chemistry, one can easily enjoy an active D/s relationship without the involvement of pain.  Many of the wonderful people I play with focus on more sensual domination and Total Power Exchange. If you'd like a little taste of pain, we can always try that, but it's not required nor will I be upset if it's not your kink. I actually focus more on the B/D part of BDSM myself. 


Q: I'm afraid of being scammed. How do I know you're real and safe?

A: Did you look through my website or social media? I post constantly and I'm verified on multiple sites that require ID and other forms of identification. (Search for me on Niteflirt, Onlyfans, SextPanther, etc). I also have a Testimonials page with tons of reviews. Do you really think I'd throw away the reputation I spent years building for your tiny deposit? Doubtful.


Q: What's your "real" name / Are you dating anyone / Where do you work?


A: Doesn't matter how close we've become, these questions are never appropriate.

Q: Who do enjoy doing double Domme Sessions with?


A: Just like how I'm picky with who I see, I'm also picky with who I do doubles with. There has to be good chemistry. I'm lucky that I have a few friends who I enjoy playing with, feel free to ask me for their info.